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“On the sixth day, God created the artist, realizing no doubt that He had far from exhausted the uses of color.”   Robert Breault

Galleria Mucciaccia is pleased to present the exhibition ColourSpace that aims to explore the many ways colour is employed today, seen through the prism of six celebrated British artists David Batchelor, Ian Davenport, Lothar Götz, Jim Lambie, Annie Morris, and Fiona Rae.   Each artist investigates in their individual practices the relationships between colour, form, medium and meaning across two and three dimensions – poured, painted, crafted and found using a multiplicity of materials and techniques to mesmerizing effect.

Inspired by the philosophy of Robert Breault, Catherine Loewe, curator of the exhibition, makes color the main protagonist of the exhibition: it can be found in Batchelor’s sculptures assembled with found objects, in the coloured trails of Davenport’s paintings, in Fiona Rae’s delicate, floating marks on white surfaces and in Annie Morris’ life-affirming stack sculptures. With two site-specific creations, colour invades also the walls and the floor of the gallery itself. On view an entire wall painted by Lothar Götz as well as Jim Lambie’s signature floor installation “Zobop”, made exclusively of vinyl strips.

“There is colour in life and there is colour in art and then there is the intersection of the two – this is perhaps where we find ourselves today.”, states the curator Catherine Loewe.
“The use of colour and its meaning are intertwined in a complex network of references, in a world saturated with it – from Apple logos to Benetton shirts, Seurat to The Simpsons, Turrell to Tiffany. During these dark Covid-19 times, the colours of the rainbow depicted in the banners hanging from the balconies all around the world, have also represented hope for everyone.”

Colour is at the core of perception, the very essence of how we see and understand the world, but what is it and more importantly how do we interpret it? Each of the six artists in the exhibition display their unique methods of engaging with colour, including creating a dialogue between colour and the space of Galleria Mucciaccia, as in the case of Götz and Lambie, whose installation work will be documented in the catalog published by Silvana Editoriale.

Foto Galleria Mucciaccia – ColourSpace:
Jim Lambie, Zobop (Colour-Chrome), 2019
Annie Morris Stack 8, Ultramarine Blue, 2021, Foam core, pigment, concrete, steel, plaster, sand. Overall Height with base: 224cm; Overall Height without base: 217cm
Lothar Götz, Beyond, 2021, 315 x 475 cm, 124 1/8 x 187 1/8 in

Pittura / Installazione
David Batchelor / Ian Davenport / Lothar Götz / Jim Lambie / Annie Morris / Fiona Rae

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