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Il tempo regola l’atto: due opere per una mostra. Act III

Il tempo regola l’atto: due opere per una mostra. Act III: Matteo Fato, Laurent Montaron. February 2nd – 19th 2021.

IL TEMPO REGOLA L’ATTO comes to an end with its third and final appointment opening on February 2nd. This cycle of exhibitions which has taken over the gallery for the past month and a half, generating dialogues between Elisa Montessori and Thomas Braida, Claudio Verna and Benedikt Hipp, now presents two artists who approach their media critically and analytically: Matteo Fato (b.1979, Pescara, Italy), e Laurent Montaron (b. 1972, Verneuil-sur-Avre, France). Started on December 10th Monitor hosted a cycle of exhibitions on an “irregular” calendar. Each event brought together two artists who presented just two works accessible for a short and indefinite period of time. The time of the process which regulates the conception and realization of the work, as well as the brevity of its temporary permanence in the spaces of the gallery, regulated this new, small project centered on bringing together different generations of artists and a dynamic of inverted proportions, of analogies and the reciprocity of artistic research.
In accordance with the guidelines of the D.P.C.M. December 3, 2020 and to avoid crowds, the opening of each exhibition’s cycle does not include an opening night. The exhibition will be open to the public from the date indicated and it can be visited according to the usual opening hours of the gallery (Tue – Fri 1- 7 pm). No reservation is required to visit the exhibition, but the entrances will be limited and it will be possible to access wearing your own face mask. #newshow #monitorrome #nextweek #opening #attoterzo #laurentmontaron @laurentmontaron #matteofato @matteofato
Pic: Matteo Fato in his studio in Pescara, January 2021 and a still from Ecce by Laurent Montaron. #newshow #monitorrome #tomorrow #attoterzo #matteofato #laurentmontaron @matteofato @laurentmontaron
Claudio Verna / Elisa Montessori / Benedikt Hipp / Thomas Braida / Matteo Fato / Laurent Montaron

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