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Z2O Galleria Sara Zanin

Via della Vetrina, 21 00186 Roma

Z2O Galleria Sara Zanin. Established in October 2006 by Sara Zanin and originally located near the Colosseum, the gallery made its move in 2012 to its current 1300 square foot space in the historic center of Rome near Piazza Navona.
z2o Sara Zanin paids its attention to experimentation and research, both on individual and socio-anthropological issues, focusing on all the aspects related to the artists’ practices through an annual programme of exhibitions and events.
The multidisciplinary approach of the Gallery focuses on the analysis of global and cultural processes, originated by the perspective of the artist as a privileged observer of social phenomena.

z2o Sara Zanin and the artists that it proudly represents investigate concepts such as identity, space, architecture, anthropology and nature. Therefore, z2o Sara Zanin wants also to extend its overview of talented international artists by not only sharing their works with the public, but also sharing the works by Italian artists with a global audience, to give back a vision without geographical boundaries as well as stating its will to become an international cultural agent.
The Gallery participates in some of the most important Italian art fairs, sharing important projects with national and international institutions.

Alessandro Roma, “Sguardo Straniero”, installation views at Z2O Galleria Sara Zanin, ph. Giorgio Benni

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